Best 15 Birthday Song in Hindi of 2024

Birthdays are memorable occasions to spend time with loved ones and friends. A thoughtful present can be a wonderful way to convey your gratitude to the person who gave it. Alongside the typical gifts and presents They’ll also rock their birthday party with an unforgettable dance to a Bollywood Birthday song. You can also dedicate a stunning music playlist to them. Give your child a picture album with the Hindi birthday song as the background. There’s a wide range of choices. Pick the appropriate option to make their birthday special and memorable. From classic to modern We’ve put together a complete list of the most popular Hindi birthday songs. Top 15 Hindi Songs for Birthday Parties.

Make the birthday of someone special by choosing one of our songs to wish someone a happy birthday in Hindi.

1 ) Tu Jiye Hazaaro Saal – Ek Saal (1957):

Have you heard the track “Tu Jiye Hazaaro Sal” before? It’s a great birthday song, which was included in the film Ek Saal. Ravi composed this beautiful track, and Prem Dhawan wrote the lyrics. This is an amazing song to celebrate your daughter’s Birthday celebration. Asha Bhosle, the amazing singer, sings the classic Hindi song with a stunning voice.

2) Tum Jeeo Hazaaron Saal taken from 1959’s Bollywood movie Sujata:

“Tum Jiyo Hazaaron Saal ” is lovely music for birthdays. S.D Burman composed the music to this wonderful track. The song can be performed by renowned Indian sing-along singer Asha Bhosle. The timeless and beloved Hindi birthday song is the perfect one to give to your loved family members for the day of their birthdays. Majrooh Sultanpuri wrote and directed this stunning track, which features Nutan and Shashikala.

3) Door Ki Awaaz – Hum Bhi Agar Bachche Hote (1964):

“Hum Bhi Agar Bachche Hote”Happy Birthday to You” is the name of a Hindi child’s birthday tune. The song is a reworking of the Hindi film Door Ki Awaaz. Ravi composed the melody and sang the tune with famous singers Asha Bhosle Mohammed Rafi as well as Manna Dey. The song is upbeat and happy is among the most frequently listened to older birthday songs to children Hindi and a listen will certainly bring back memories of childhood.

Devendra Goel directed Door ki Awaaz which was released in 1964. Joy Mukherjee, Saira Banu, and Johnny Walker all had significant parts in the film.

4) Baar Baar Din Ye Aaye – Happy Birthday To You – Farz (1967):

The most famous Hindi birthday songs are within “Baar Baar Din Yeh Aaye””Happy Birthday You” taken from the feature film Farz. Mohammed Rafi sings the tune which was composed by Indian music duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Farz was released in 1967, and remains an extremely popular birthday song for a large number of folks. The lyrics for this amazing song were composed by Anand Bakshi.

5) Badhai Ho Badhai Janmadin Ho – Mera Munna (1967):

To wish a friend a happy birthday “Badhai Ho Badhai Janam Din Ho ” is the perfect Hindi birthday song. The song is a reference to the film Mera Munna, which

The song was composed, directed and written by Madhusudan. The track’s happy birthday song is delivered by Lata Mangeshkar Ashabhosle as well as Usha Timmy. Lovely lyrics are added to the song by Qamar Jalalabadi.

6) Janam Din Aaya – Baharon Ki Manzil (1968):

“Janam Din Aaya” from the film Baharon Ki Manzil is another classic Hindi birthday song sung by Lata Mangeshkar. It’s a well-known birthday song that mothers sing to their children on their birthdays. This tune was written by famous Indian musicians Laxmikant and Pyarelal.

7) O Nanhe Se Farishte – Ek Phool Do Mali (1969):

“O Nanhe Se Farishte” is a poignant birthday song by the legendary musician Mohammad Rafi. The track was composed in the hands of musical director Ravi.

Ek Fool Do Maali which was produced by Devendra Goyal The film was a box office smash in the year 1969. Balraj Sahni, Sanjay Khan and Sadhana have prominent roles on screen.

8 )Tare Kitne Neel Gagan Pe Taare – Aap Aye Bahaar Ayee (1971):

“Tare Kitne Gagan Pe Taare” is a lovely track from the film Aap Aye Bahaar Ayee starring Laxmikant and Pyarelal. Mohammad Rafi and Hemalata perform one of the most well-known Hindi Birthday songs. The lyrics of this song are written by A.B. Bakshi.

Aap The Aye Bahaar Ayee, created by Mohan Kumar, stars Rajendra Kumar and Sadhana in key roles.

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9 )Janamdin Mubarak Ho – Saaya (1989):

“Janamdin Mubarak Ho” is a well-known Hindi music for birthday celebrations. The song was used in the film in 1989 Saaya. Bappi Lahiri composed the tune while Asha Bhosle performed.

Keshu Ramsey was Director of this film directed by Keshu Ramsey. Saaya. The principal characters were Shathrughnasimha and Poonam Dhillon.

10.) Chhote Tera Birthday Aaya – Krantiveer the Revolution (2010):

If you’re looking to spend the evening celebrating someone’s birthday and you are looking for an appropriate Bollywood film track for your celebration?Track “Chhote Tera Birthday Aaya” from the film Krantiveer The Revolution is available here. Sameer wrote the lyrics, and Sachin-Jigar made the song’s soundtrack. Anushka Manchanda Mika Singh Hard Kaur Neuman Pinto Ishq Begctor as well as Hrishikesh Kamerkar lead the main performers in the tracks.

11) Happy Budday – Kill Dil (2014):

You can also use this track “Happy Budday” from the film Kill Dil to wish your loved ones Happy birthday. The person who you would like to celebrate the occasion with will certainly appreciate listening to the track. Sukhwinder Singh and Shankar Mahadevan perform this upbeat song written by Shankar and his musical partner Ehsaan Loy. The lyrics to the song were composed by Oscar winner Gulzar.

12) Aww Tera Happy Bday – ABCD 2 (2015):


The most famous Birthday song that is well-known in Hindi is “Aww Tera Happy Birthday” from the movie ABCD 2. Sachin Jigar Jigar composed the tune with Sachin Sanghvi Jigar Saraiya Varun Dhawan as well as D. Soldiers sang it.

The film ABCD 2 was directed by Remo D’Souza. The film was released during the year 2015. Prabhu Deva, Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor, play the lead roles.

13) Happy Birthday, Ishq Forever (2016):

The most famous Hindi song to celebrate a birthday is “Happy Happy Birthday” by Ishq Forever. Nadeem Saifi composed the tune that was performed by Nakash Aziz. The lyrics were composed by Sameer Anjaan.

Ishq Forever directed by Sameer Sippy, and featuring Krishna Chaturvedi and Ruhi Singh it came out in.

14)Birthday Song – Meri Beti Mera Maan (2016):

A song for birthdays, from the movie Meri BeTi Mera Maan. This is an excellent Hindi Janamdin tune that can be performed during birthday parties. The song was written by Kapil Jangir, and it is performed by Sahil Varma and Namitha Mukherjee.

15) Antim: The Final Truth (2021): Bhai Ka Birthday

“Bhai Ka Birthday” from Antim The Last Truth is among the most popular Hindi songs that commemorate birthday celebrations. It’s a fantastic birthday song that pays tribute to the brother that was more senior. Hitesh Modak composed the music, as also Sajid Khan who sang the track. Lyrics were written by Nitin Raikwar.

The year was 2021, and in 2021 Antim The Final Truth was made available.The film was made by Mahesh Majrekar. The film featured Salman Khan, Aayush Sharma, Mahima Makwana and Jisshu Sungupta.

This is one of the most memorable birthday songs we’ve collected for you, from classic to modern. We hope that this article has helped you find a Hindi birthday song from a Bollywood film to dedicate to someone you cherish deeply on the day of their birthday.For balloons to celebrate birthdays in Pune and other cities, select from a variety of Hindi songs that will make the occasion unforgettable and memorable for and your loved ones or friends. Make sure you inform your friends that you’ve read this piece.


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