7 New Bridal Designs In Indian Ethnic Sarees

Saree is basically a loose and long piece of cloth which is adored by every Indian women and it has also gained a lot of attention worldwide. This garment is more than just attire to Indian women as it is a part of culture since a very long time. Although, over the past few decades, new patterns, designs or draping techniques have emerged, but the appearance still looks elegant and traditional. Let us walk through 7 new bridal designs in Indian ethnic sarees which will make you fall for them all over again can be good choice for Indian dress for woman.

1.Banarasi Silk Sarees

Sarees are a big deal for Indian women, especially when there is a special occasion. Wholesale Banarasi silk sarees are one of the best choices for a bride as it ia a beautiful amalgamation of different vibrant colours and texture. It is crafted in Varanasi and heavy golden border for sarees has been around from quite a long time, and it is still in vogue. These silk sarees will complement the look of a bride irrespective of their place or nationality.

2.Kanjeevaram Sarees

Right from the ancient India, Wholesale Kanchipuram Silk sarees  have maintained a class and poise of its own. It is undoubtedly the most prestigious bridal saree of South India. Even though it is from Kanchipuram, a city in Tamil Nadu, this beautiful creation has demand even in the Northern part of India. Appealing borders and temple or traditional design patterns make it look a distinct bridal collection.

3.Nauvari Sarees

This may look bit complicated for draping with a 9 yard cloth, but it is indeed unique in numerous ways. It is a popular bridal saree or even a right choice for any traditional occasion. It is mostly worn by Maharashtrian women during wedding season or festivals.  It also looks irresistible on a bride or bridesmaid with the distinct and authentic Indian look.

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4.Pattu Sarees

Pattu Sarees are the pride of Kerala and it comes in a variety of colors. Kerala being known for its natural beauty with so many colors around, the people there don’t believe in putting too many bright colors in what they wear. Pattu sarees are basically white sates with beautiful golden borders which has intricate designs. It looks simple and sophisticated, but many wear it in their weddings as it has a different charm and style in its own way.

5.Panchampalli Sarees
















Panchampalli sarees originated from Nalgonda district, of Telangana State. These are traditional sarees with geometric patterns. It is the best way to prep up in a typical Indian look which looks rich and stylish with gold jewellery.

6.Paithani Sarees

These sarees are loved by women all over India, as it is not only a perfect choice for your ethnic wardrobe but also a different choice for wedding. The bride will definitely stand out even in a simple make up with limited jewellery. It usually has unique pallu borders which include trees, birds or any element related to nature, perfectly woven depending on the color of the saree. Other than this Wholesale Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees can also be the good choice.

  1. Gota Sarees

Gota sarees are highly fascinating, and a special kind of lace border is attached. This makes it look even more stunning and exclusive. Many fashion designers have experimented on these Gota sarees , and delivered excellent results.

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