Hairstyles On Saree For Party: 2020 Latest Design

Going out for any event requires so much advanced planning, everything from an exquisite saree with matching blouse, comfortable shoes, makeup and jewellery, and right to that beautiful hairstyle, all have to be carefully thought about. Having the right hairstyle to match your saree is an important feature for women. Having the wrong one can cause a fashion flop, so always have a clear picture of what you want your hair to look like

Without further ado, here is a list of all the best hairstyles category wise that every woman should know about, especially if you have many events planned out where you intend on wearing a saree.

Curly Hairstyles For Saree

Ponytail With Curled Hair

This hairstyle applies for both women with straight hair or curly hair and looks great on either. It works well with naturally curly hair, if you have straight hair, you will have to first curl it. The next step is to simply make a ponytail and not tie it too tightly so that it is comfortable for extended wearing at long events such as receptions and weddings and maybe even a party.

Ponytail With Curled Hair

Single Braid Fishtail Style

The plait or braid is a staple hairstyle that has garnered many loyal fans throughout the decades not just in India but also around the world. This specific one is a braid that is done using a fancy technique that eventually makes it look somewhat like a fishes tail, when finished you can place it at either side of the shoulder to the front. It is complex enough for parties, weddings, even reception events.

Short Hairstyles For Saree

Small Curls/Beach Waves

Light curls usually called as the beach waves consist of curls that are not so persistent are a simplified hairstyle for women with straight hair who wish to have some artificial curls placed in their hair, a few minutes with curlers and a blow-dry will help to recreate this easy look perfectly. This way you can let your hair loose and no need to tie it up at all, great for an evening outdoor event.


Low Tied Ponytail

It may seem like a basic hairstyle for a special event, but trust me in desperate times you will be begging for a fast last-minute plan, you can always put your trust in the ponytail that is tied low on purpose to look easy-going and free-ranging. It is especially perfect for girls with short and straight locks and no one will suspect that you had it done in a rushed situation, styles like this one are important.


Traditional Bun Hairstyles For Saree

Bun Made Of Braids

Combining two iconic and favored hairstyles the braid and the bun. It is actually just an easier way to make a bun and it makes use of the humble casual braid, then carefully tie this braid up into a bun without leaving any hair loose at any place. Feel free to use any accessories and wear dangling earrings as they will be clearly visible and you will not want to miss this opportunity to miss out on this.

Bun Made Of Braids

Bun With Flowers

Flowers hold traditional symbolism especially flowers such as jasmine which can be kept loose or sewn into a beautiful string. Make the bun tight and high enough so that the garland of flowers can be easily placed to be displayed to the world. Remember to attach it securely so it does not come loose or fall out easily. The flowers will give off a fresh look and an aroma as well.

Bun With Flowers

Wedding Hairstyle For Saree

Bun With Accessories

Another styling tip for long to medium hair of any texture is the neat or messy bun with accessories. The use of fancy clips or real flowers as an accessory is the best-known way to spice up the same old boring bun hairstyle. Use clips that match your outfit, but do not use too many as it can spoil your overall look. Go ahead and let the compliments pour in from admirers.

Wedding Hairstyle For Saree

Heavy Decorated Hairdo

Weddings are a very important day, especially for all the brides out there, that is why every woman will want to look mesmerizing and have a complex hairstyle with all accessories and fancy looks included.

Heavy Decorated Hairdo

Open Hairstyles For Saree

Loose Hair And Puff

Another puff hairstyle is the simple one that heroes the puff instead of a bun or braided element. Make a high puff in the front and then the rest of the hair can be left loose regardless of whether it is curly or straight. This is a perfect style for women who are fashion conscious and need to be looking fabulous at every event. Use accessories such as metallic glitter clips or flowers to amplify your look to the one you want.

Loose Hair And Puff

Long Loose Straight Locks With Braid

Have long lust hair and want to show it off at the party? This is a common and very basic hairstyle for all women with long hair or with colored highlights. A single braid is made through the center of the hair, the rest of the hair can be left loose for all to see. Make sure enough hair is used for the braid and that it does not attract too much attention away from your saree.

Rough Curls

Don’t listen to other people when they say leaving your long curly hair loose is a bad idea, it actually speaks largely about your high confidence. Curls are actually a hairstyle of their own, so girls with naturally curly hair are actually lucky as it also happens to be a favorite look among fashion-conscious women these days. Leave the curls loose for an exciting and different appearance the next time you attend an event. 

Rough Curls

Bun With Loose Curls

This is an option for girls who have naturally curly hair that is a bit difficult to style due to its raw texture, but no worries we have a plan. It includes a bun that still features some loose curls, it is basically the best of both worlds. Both stylish and time-efficient for when you just want to get it done and cannot waste too much time trying other hairstyles.

Loose Bouncy Curls

When you are proud of your curls and you do not want to change anything about them, go ahead and just leave your soft curls loose and we will guarantee that all the girls with straight hair will be jealous of your natural hair. You can separate the hair and bring it to the sides to make them look even more appealing or lay emphasis on the face and types of saree materials choice.

Messy Hairstyles For Saree

Low Lying Messy Bun

Low Lying Messy Bun1

Women who are not too confident about leaving their hair loose can easily opt for a tied up option like a bun. Here you don’t have to spend too much time and effort into taking care of the hair situation. An advantage of the messy low bun is that it does not need to be neat and only requires the hair to be affixed firmly, this way you can even show off some fancy blouse back designs that will make everyone notice it immediately. Leave some hair strands loose by the ears to make it look a little complex.

French Braided Hair


The french braid as it is called is easy to do if you have had much or even a little experience with braiding hair. It oozes a simple yet still sophisticated look that will give a great impression to all guests, go ahead and make a good first impression as you may not get a chance to make a second one. Every girl at the party will be wishing she did that hairstyle instead of the boring one they were wearing.


The bun is undoubtedly a time saving style that women love for its neat and look and comfortable feel, it is a classic hairstyle that will never be likely to go out of fashion. Many women prefer it and even Deepika Padukone has been pictured with it many times when wearing a saree. Just make a bun by combing the hair from the sides and not the top, leave it a slight bit loose not tight. When you have a saree and blouse that needs to be shown off to the maximum, this hairstyle is advised.  

Side Placed Bun

Most people think that when hair is tied in a bun it automatically is placed and kept at the back of the head. This is actually incorrect and since no restrictions apply, there is one other option for this. You can simply place the whole bun on the side so that it can be seen. Consider it a creative idea intended to show off your hair even though it is in a bun.

Indian Hairstyles For Saree

Simple Braid

Simple Braid

You have this option available to you if you have very long hair of any thickness or texture. It may seem like an underwhelming hairstyle but will do wonders to extremely long hair that needs to be put in its place so it does not start to get in the way of your activities. Use decorative clips along the entire length of the hair if you wish to spice up the look, use shiny clips for evening functions like wedding

Tight Clear Bun

A common sight to see with a saree is the basic bun hairstyle that is clearly tight with no overhanging of hair at any position, it matches any face shape and will definitely make your face stand out. This is a fail-safe one that suits any event and clothing style, so if you have o plans in place you can easily look into this specific hairstyle, it may save your day. 

Puff And Discrete Bun


We all remember what a fashion trend the puff hairstyle was, right? Well guess what it still is fashionable and can be added to or incorporated in with another hairstyle feature.For example, in this hairstyle a puff is first made in the front while hair at the back can be made into a neat, yet secretive bun to account for all hair. You will find it to be very simple with practise and still effective.

Reception/Engagement Hairstyles For Saree

Greek Inspired Hairdo

Greek Inspired Hairdo


Ancient Greek mythology is the inspiration behind this next hairstyle, here the hair is braided and pinned up but still allowing the hair to fall free in some areas such as the ears and at the neck. Any woman wearing this style will surely look like a goddess. Pairing this with the right jewellery is vital, some great options include pearls, silver, or other precious stone jewellery preferably wear a neutral colored saree, either white, beige, or off-white. Subtle minimal makeup will do the trick.

Oriental Chinese Bun

Oriental Chinese Bun

Girls who enjoy looking different and experimenting with hairstyles can go ahead and wear the Chinese bun. perfect for girls with a slim and short figure and also long and straight hair people. The hair is propped up in a bun but with a bit of hair protruding out 

Bubble Ponytail

As seen on many women this one is a ponytail that is actually tied twice once at the neck and then again halfway down the length of the hair. It gives off an exotic look that is not a usual sight these days, just what people need these days, a change in scenery. If you are one of those people who wants to get noticed fast and to stand out from the rest of the crowd and the usual hairstyles, do this one without thinking twice about it.

Gone are those days when you had no clue what to do with your hair, which caused you to stress out about going to any event. The hairstyle you choose depends on your face shape, hair length, long hair should usually be tied up but there are also many short hairstyles for saree. There are hundreds of new and improved hairstyles and the best part is you will have more than enough time to try many of them out to find the ones that are just not for you and the ones that look good and compliment you

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