How to get Marriage Certificate in India

Marriage, the sacrosanct union that unites two souls for lifelong commitment, is recognized and legalized through marriage certificates in India. They serve both legal purposes as well as administrative ones.This document serves as proof of marriage and facilitates name changes; further, its presence ensures spousal rights while aiding division of property when disputes arise, providing legitimacy to their relationship while helping women claim rights over assets owned by their husbands.Acquiring a attestation services near me involves several steps and may vary slightly between states; however, all basic steps remain similar. 

Process for Marriage Certificate

  1. Preparing for the Application:

Before applying for a marriage certificate, make sure you have the following documents for the process:

  • Proof of Identity: Aadhar card, passport, PAN card, voter ID.
  • Proof of Address: Aadhar card, passport, utility bills, voter ID.
  • Proof of Age: Birth certificate, school leaving certificate, passport.
  • Marriage Invitation Card: A photocopy of the marriage invitation card.
  • Passport-size photographs: Passport-size photographs of married couples.
  • Affidavit: Affidavit stating Date, marital Status at time of marriage and Nationality will also be required.
  1. Visit a Marriage Registrar Office:

Make an appointment to visit the local marriage registrar office where either party resides, to obtain more details regarding office timings and working days before making your trip to them.

Registering the marriage can take place either under the Hindu Marriage Act, Special Marriage Act or Indian Christian Marriage Act depending on which faith both parties practice.

  • According to the Hindu Marriage Act: 

If both parties involved are Hindus, Buddhists, Jains or Sikhs then marriage registration occurs under this act and can apply at their local Registrar of Marriages office for registration.

  • Under the Special Marriage Act: 

This legislation covers all citizens regardless of religion. The marriage officer in each district must receive a notice from the couple at least 30 working days before they give their notice of intention to marry.

  • Under the Indian Christian Marriage Act: 

For Christians, marriage registration can be done using this act by applying at the church where their ceremony took place.

  1. Complete an Application Form:

Visit your registrar’s office and obtain the marriage certificate application form, fill it in correctly with all relevant details, then both partners need to sign it before having it certified as complete by him/her.

  1. Submission of Documents:

When you submit the completed application form along with all necessary documents, they will be verified before being presented for an interview if applicable.

  1. Verification Process:

A marriage registrar will review all information included in an application and conduct a detailed investigation, cross-referencing details with witnesses mentioned within it as necessary.

  1. Marriage Certificate Issuance:

Once the verification process is completed and found satisfactory, a marriage certificate will be issued and processed accordingly; usually taking about 2-3 weeks from start to finish.


Securing a marriage certificate in India is essential to legalize any union and reap its associated rights and privileges.You can get this with this by choosing Companies for apostille services in Delhi. Couples need to follow the correct procedure and submit accurate documentation in order for this process to run smoothly; being aware of legal requirements within each state as well as following instructions given by local marriage registrar offices is key for an efficient application process. For more you can opt for the same. By fulfilling their obligation legally while also taking advantage of legal recognition of their union is invaluable!

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