5 Different Ways to Wear Your Lehenga

lehenga choli'

Hola beauties! The wedding season has only started and we already find a great deal of hustle and bustle at shopping malls, girls hunting for sarees, salwar suits, and Wholesale sarees. Obviously, given the electronic boom happening nowadays, girls make smart buys on the internet too. Therefore, if you are intending to attend a wedding this year — then until you step out into busy markets, they do have a look at exclusive designer-wear available online.

A lehenga is just one of the favorite attires worn on an Indian wedding day. The cultural skirt is still loved by girls of all age groups, such as foreigners — even the Hollywood actors have taken a fancy for this flared garment. The lehenga is generally teamed with a shirt or ‘Wholesale lehenga‘ and dupatta with vases and prints coordinated together with the skirt. But to stick out in a crowd where everybody is at their trendy best, you have to think out-of-the-box! So if you are fond of wearing lehenga places for weddings and Want to add a uniqueness to your looks, then you need to test these out easy yet amazing styling ideas-


1)Add a plain modern crop top

Chuck the matching blouse along with also the long dupatta and team up your heavy lehenga using a plain harvest top. Nowadays, prolonged sleeves, cold-shoulders, off-shoulders, bell sleeves, and ruffles are trending styles in shirts. Select one of those styles and wear minimal accessories. This may turn your cultural lehenga into a modern outfit.

2)Wear a long asymmetrical kurta

This works if you wish to conceal that unwanted flab in your abdomen. Wear a plain lehenga using a long asymmetrical kurta (it is possible to opt for a tunic also) and add a matching or contrasting dupatta as per your personal style. This indo-western shape looks cool and aids you groove throughout weddings without becoming conscious of your figure. For jewelry, you may either decide on a set of heavy danglers or a long necklace with little stud earrings. Adding a couple pieces of hand jewelry may even uplift your cultural look.

'lehenga choli

3)Layer it smartly

Well, it is the time of layering! Together with the winter wind frightening up the environment you want to keep warm especially when the event will be kept outdoors. Add a moderate or long lace coat to your lehenga-choli and fit your accessories together with it. Complementing your outfit with a layering of comparable color will provide you softer look whilst contrasting layers look captivating and are great for informal pre-wedding functions.

4)The tendency of coordinate places

Coordinated skirt and crop top places are extremely much in vogue nowadays. Decide on a lace or a lace set with bold prints or vibrant embroidery to match the liveliness of this event. Add a decorated clutch along with matching tassel rings to create the outfit interesting. All these co-orders are suitable for Mehendi, Haldi and engagement ceremonies.

5)Mix & match to stand out

Styling is totally individual. Aside from the above-mentioned point on coordinated places, you can create your very own unique outfit by matching different elements out of the cupboard. Pick-up a crushed-cotton or a lace skirt and a distinct shirt might be a cape or some other embroidered one which looks cultural. You might add a stole or even a scarf should you desire. Alternatively, you may take the little longer shirt and add a barbell belt to it. To acquire a proper funky look, opt for Bohemian jewelry such as multiple rings and a heavy statement necklace. The very best thing about these mix-and-match outfits is that they can’t be readily duplicated!

These were a few lehenga-styling ideas to generate your apparel interesting. This wedding day, believe different and be creative. Play around with your own wardrobe components to create some fairly interesting ensembles and step out with confidence to stun your audience!


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