Pathani sarees: Most Demanding 2020 Pathani sarees Designs


Paithani sarees are a piece of Indian heritage and a specialty garment that is made in Aurangabad and is the clothing of choice for women living in the state of Maharashtra. Made from very fine pure silk, it is considered valuable and usually is more expensive compared to other sarees.

Here is the list most demanding pathani sarees design image collection suitable for wedding and party wear.

  1. Green and Blue combination

The colors green and blue may seem like an odd pair but with the help of beige the colors like perfectly in sync. Gold accents fill the borders while images of elephants grace the blue silk fabric body of the saree. Small peacock patterns fill all the green areas while a multi-coloured image serves as the centrepiece of the drape portion. if you love this collection then you can buy sarees  online or from surat as sarees wholesale market in surat has huge collection.

  1. Femme Fatale: All Pink Paithani Saree

Wearing a single color silk saree may seem boring, but not with this all-pink Paithani saree. The deep pink shade is an eye-catching one and since there is minimal decoration on the saree the fabric texture and color will stand out the most. The thick borders feature a floral embroidery design in green and red threads. You can buy this from any popular sarees brands in India as they definitely keep this collection 


  1. Multi-Colored Paithani Saree

For women who enjoy a combination of all shades of colors can look into this beautiful assorted color silk piece. The colors actually compliment each other and do not clash to cause a confused look. 


  1. Red and Gold Paithani Saree

It is no secret that red and gold make an amazing combination and it is the winning combination if you are attending an important event such as family functions or religious ceremonies.


  1. Neutral shade Paithani Saree

A light color such as off-white will be best in summer seasons where you will want to keep cool. Because you will also want to stay stylish, there are gold border patterns and red decorative designs at the ends of the fabric. Pair this up with a designer blouse to get a stylish look with little effort.

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  1. Designer Golden Pink Paithani Saree With Green Accents

In this one of a kind silk saree, the gold and pink shades bring out the green work int the fabric, without the green thread the saree would not look as amazing as it does. 


  1. Purple Peacock Design Paithani Saree

In Indian tradition, the peacock is a famous symbol that has been used in ethnic clothing for many decades. Its addition to the saree body makes sure that it is visually appealing to the eye. The purple fabric gives off a metallic sheen that appears dual-tone. Borders are filled with pink and gold, two colors that go perfectly with the purple. 

  1. Gold Paithani Saree With Large Borders

Borders were made larger on purpose as they make the outfit look even more attractive due to the unique decorative designs that grace the garment. The gold borders are dressed with pink floral embroidery to match the body.


  1. Simplified Two-Color Paithani Saree

Women who like a simple yet beautiful silk saree can go ahead and look at this one. Using only two colors orange and green, the saree is decorated with peacocks and other traditional motifs and a Zari border made of only gold threads. Blouse can be made of orange color to break the contrast. 


  1. Turquoise Paithani Wedding Saree

Wearing a silk saree is possible if you have the right colour. For instance, this turquoise saree has all the qualities of a wedding savvy outfit. Paired with a light pink blouse, the borders have a silver and pink detailing that is both sparkly and elegant. Wear matching jewellery to finish off the look.

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