Top 10 Best Hair Color Brands in India


Gone are the days when hair colours were only used to cover up grey hair. People are now using hair colours to achieve a wide range of hair colours such as burgundy, brown, plum, red, and even some more unusual ones such as green and blue. The increased demand for hair colours has resulted in the entry of several brands of hair colours into the Indian market, which are gaining popularity.

The Following Are The Top 10 Hair Colour Brands in India:


RevlonRevlon is one of India’s oldest and most trusted beauty brands, and it has now established a stronghold in the hair colour market as well. This brand’s hair colour provides high quality, a wide range of colour options, and an affordable price, making it one of the most popular hair colours in the Indian market.


GarnierGarnier is a mid-range hair color brand that caters to the needs of the middle class by providing good quality at an affordable price. The brand is widely available in a variety of colours, including brown, red, plum, and burgundy.


GarnierNext on the list of the best hair colour brands in India is Loreal, which has introduced the Excellence Crème range, which is well-known for its high product quality and is widely endorsed by international celebrities. This brand’s hair colour is a little more expensive, but it’s of higher quality than the others.


StreaxStreax is another popular hair colour brand in India, offering long-lasting and hair-friendly hair colours for all hair types. The brand is widely available in high-end stores across the country, and it is reasonably priced.

Wella Koleston

Wella KolestonWella Kolestint is one of the most recent hair colour brands to be introduced in the country, bringing a variety of shades in salon quality hair colour to provide the best results. This brand also has the advantage of being ammonia-free and simple to use.


Wella KolestonMatrix, a hair colour that caters to a variety of hair types, is another name on this list. The salon-quality product is appropriate for both grey coverage and streaking, making it an ideal utility and fashion item.

Color Mate

Color MateColor Mate is yet another popular hair colour brand in the Indian market, with the added benefit of being a natural herbal product that contains ingredients such as amla, shikakai, and henna. Furthermore, it gives you a perfect natural look rather than a made-up one.

Shahnaz Hussain 

Shahnaz HussainAnother herbal hair colour available in India is Shahnaz Hussain’s Hair Touch touch up, which is suitable for grey coverage in particular. The hair colour, which is available in two shades: black and brown, covers only grey hair and leaves the rest unaffected.


GodrejThis hair colour is associated with the most trusted brand Godrej and is very affordable, making it especially suitable for low income groups. It is made from natural ingredients and comes in a variety of colours. Surprisingly, it can be purchased for only Rs 30.

Dr. Jain’s

Dr. Jain'sThis company creates herbal and natural hair colours that cover grey hair without harming the scalp. It is available in brown and black.

All of these hair colour brands are well-known for their dependable quality and have built a solid reputation over time.

How to Choose the Best Hair Color Brand


The first thing you should look for when selecting a new hair colour brand is the brand’s reputation among buyers and in the market. You can verify this by reading the product user reviews. Simply search for genuine user reviews or consult with your acquaintances who are using the brand and know the pros and cons of the brand’s products, which will help you learn about the brand’s reputation and quality.

Color Palette 

The next important factor to consider when selecting a new hair colour brand is the product palette. Make certain that the brand you select offers a diverse range of colours on which you can rely for dependable and long-lasting performance. This allows you to easily change the preferred colour by switching the brand.

In other words, make sure that the brand you intend to purchase has all of the colours that you prefer for yourself in order to avoid having to look for a reliable brand again.


Another factor to consider when selecting a new hair care brand is the quality of the ingredients used in the products. Look for a perfect brand that uses all natural ingredients that are gentle on the scalp and skin. By selecting a brand that uses natural ingredients, you can be confident that you will get the best results with no side effects.

So, instead of purchasing products that contain harmful chemicals, experiment with natural products that are safer and more efficient than chemical-containing products.

Value for Money 

Make certain that the brand on which you are relying is worthwhile to purchase. Check to see if the price you’re paying is reasonable for the product you’re purchasing. This way, you’ll get a product that’s great to buy, has good performance, and offers great value for money.


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