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So it’s your big day, and you want to look the best. That is why we have jotted down the best blouse designs for your wedding so that you look ravishing at your big fat Indian wedding.

We covered several designs after going through different products and brought in front of you the best ones.

  1. Backless Blouse


Credits: Pinterest

You want to look sublime for the people as well as sensuous for your Mr. Perfect. Backless Blouse is the perfect solution. It will be elegant as well as sexy and will give a dashing look to your personality. Moreover, it will increase the oomph factor. Go for it if you want to turn heads.

  1. Simple yet gorgeous


Credits: Pinterest

This design is simple yet gorgeous. If you and your future hubby believe in simplicity, then you can opt for this design. It is elegant, classy, and has a deep sense of style. At least his grandma will like it as she may fall into the nostalgia of her marriage. If you choose a contrasting one with beautiful embroidery, a Kanjeevaram would best accompany it. Choose a dark-coloured blouse with a bright coloured saree. Trust us, you won’t regret wearing it.


  1. Full Sleeve Blouse


Credits: Pinterest

It is a tough job to carry a full sleeve blouse with a saree. And if you come out successfully; you will steal the show. If you are a bit thin and tall, then full sleeve blouses are made for you. To wear full sleeve blouses we can have several options. You can try a simple blouse with a bordered wrist or you can try the embroidery on the sleeves. This will definitely add a royal touch to it. You can also try the shimmering style, especially if you have a matching saree at hand. If you are in middle age, the Peplum blouse can come to your rescue. Last but not the least, you can try it with off shoulder style too. you can get  these readymade blouses wholesale from silk cotton saree wholesale online  at minimal price.


  1. Plunging Neckline


Credits: Pinterest

Plunging neckline blouses are one of the latest trends and they obviously should be. Plunging neckline blouses come in different flavors. Multicolor blouses are super trendy and fit to every type of sarees.

Then comes the heavily embroidered blouses that bring a colorful touch to your attire. Thereafter comes the one where you can see the bride’s collarbones. There is a risk factor attached to it, but it’s worth taking the risk. Don’t worry, go for it. You will look ethereal.

  1. Choli Cut Blouse


Credit: Maharani

Choli cut blouses go well with lehenga. Angrakha style is best among them as popularised by various celebrities. Try this like a crop top with your sarees or with your lehenga. You can also try the backless choli.

It is perfect for young urban girls. Some beautiful designs can be added to the back neckline. If you are bold, you can try a deep plunging one. You can also have some cut work style embroidered blouses which are currently in trend. The best thing about choli cut blouses is that they can be worn both with sarees or with lehenga.

  1. Dori Style


Credit: Wedmegood

As the saying goes by, “Old is gold”; Dori style is perfect for such a rescue. Though it is not a very new style, it perfectly fits every situation. Moreover, this particular style is not going to be out of fashion any time soon.

There can be various creative designs in this regard. We can use embroidery depicting the whole bridal entry scene and this will set that apart. We can use a back mesh for an extra. It can be made for both full sleeves or half sleeves but never use it for sleeveless. You can wear it with a saree or a lehenga.


  1. Indo-Western Design


Credits: Shaadiwish

  1. Back Buttoned Up


Credits: Ethnic Trendz

To look elegant you can try this style. The back will be covered completely. It is simple yet stylish, perfectly adorned with pearls.

You can add several designs in the back such as heart-shaped, fish-shaped, round-shaped, etc. That will be a cherry on the top. You can obviously include a beautifully designed embroidery to make it look more ravishing. Wear this and people will remember your style for years to come.

  1. Personalized Design


Credits: Blouse Design House

You love him to the moon and back, and you want to show it to the whole world. We have a solution for you. Put his name embroidered on your back. That will be class apart. You can have several captions too, like “Abhishek ki Dulhan”, “Pulkit ka Pyaar”, “Shrey got Saum”, “Shivam ki Khwaish” etc. beautifully adorned on your back. You can try it. Something different!!!!


  1. V neck blouse


Credits: Swati Verma

This is for those girls who want to look super sexy on their wedding day. You can either opt for plain and dull looking color or for heavily decorated ones. You can also go for vibrant colors. Either way, it is damn hot. You can choose the bow and knots style. You can wrap a Dupatta around you with a necklace as an add on. If you are in doubt, then it may be your last resort.

Marriages are made in heaven but your blouse brands selection can be made on this earth. This is in a nutshell a handful of designs out of thousands of other designs. It is a never-ending process. So we have chosen the best for you out of these many designs. And lastly, wish you a very happy married life ahead.

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