How to Choose Handmade Wooden Sofa Design

While getting yourself home or renovating the old one, the biggest issue we face is finding the perfect sofa for ourselves. A perfect sofa can be something we all want but can’t seem to understand how to get it. Imagine getting a sofa larger than what fits in your living room, or smaller than the place that looks weird sitting in the center of the living room. 

A sofa might look perfect in the showroom but might not look perfect in your home. There are only a few considerations that are to be taken before getting your hands on buying a new sofa for yourself. 


Be it whatever furniture you are planning to get, measuring things prior is a very important step to take. Measuring the right size can help you get a good idea of what size your sofa fabric material should be and where it should be placed. 

Most of the sofa measurements are always mentioned in centimeters. Some of the measurements are mentioned below 

  • Length- the distance between the farthest two arm sets 
  • Depth- From the front arm to the back of the arm
  • Height- From the back cushion to the floor
  • Seat height- Top of the seat cushion to the floor 
  • Seat depth- From the back cushion to the front edge of the seat cushion 
  • Seat length – the seating distance between the two arms of the sofa 


By knowing how much space we have handy, we can smartly use every inch of it. By making more storage than we can ever think of. 


Set your budget and spend as much as you can on the frame of the sofa. Sofa frames come in different kinds and patterns make sure you use them and get yourself the most efficient one for your budget. 


Be it a bold color, neutral color, a patterned one, or a solid one, choosing the right upholstery is very important. According to the room light interference and usage, choose the fabric accordingly. Natural fabric fades easily when kept in direct contact with sunlight. If you have children and pets at your place, fabrics that are stain resistant and don’t get easily torn should be your first priority. Choosing loose covers for your sofa can be a smart choice as they can be easily changed. 


Knowing how you are going to use your sofa, can eliminate the unnecessary choices of sofas. Will it be used every day and constantly to relax, watch TV, or read Or it will be used occasionally as formal seating? For feeling relaxed you’ll be needing a sofa that has loose cushions and cushy seating giving you a very comfy feeling. An informal sofa can have comfy and cheap fabrics for everyday use whereas a formal setting should have high-quality and shiny upholstery that looks visually more beautiful than the seating. 


Make sure the sofa you get is perfect for your family. If your family has taller people, deeper seating is necessary, whereas if your family has old age people who have a back problem or knee problem, a sofa with a stiff back makes it easier for them to stand up. Having a sofa low to the floor can be easy for kids to climb and descend easily from it without getting hurt. And if you have overnight guests a lot, a sleeper sofa is the perfect choice for you. 


To choose your sofa pattern and color it is important for you to know and analyze the rest of your room. Going for a bolder color when the rest of your room is subtle can make it look more beautiful but if you already have a room of bright color having a neutral color sofa should work. High-usage rooms should have a heavily patterned sofa to hide the stains. 


  • Sectional sofas 

Sectional sofas are the most adjustable and versatile kind of sofas available. They are usually placed in U or L shape. They have individual seating parts which can be placed accordingly. 

This kind of sofa is perfect for those with larger families. 

  • Modular Sofa

This type of Sofa lets you choose a sofa style and add preferred pieces to create a perfect sofa of your choice The sofa building blocks can be used to make the sofa look large or in a different shape. These sofas can be broken down into many small parts making them ideal for people who move a lot or have a growing family. 

  • Sleeper Sofas 

If you have a small space and you don’t have a spare room for your overnight guests this is a perfect choice for you. These sleeper sofas have built-in beds in them. These beds are folded into the sofa, with a similar width to the full-size bed. 

  • Reclining Sofas 

Many sofas have a recliner seat at the end of the sofa on either side. They bring the same comfort as recliner chairs but with the advantage of sofa width. Those who have a tiring day, and need a good rest at the eve can surely opt for these sofas. 

  • Outdoor sofas 

Those who move a lot and have a great space can surely opt for these outdoor sofas. These outdoor sofas are no less luxurious than indoor sofas. The fabric used is improved to a great length. 

As sofas are not immortal, you can get them repaired but not to a great extent. If your sofa looks dull, uncomfortable, or seems beyond repair then it is the right time to get yourself a new one. You should not invest more time or money into a worn-out sofa.

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