Best Sarees Ideas To Style This festive Season with belt & half sarees

Top 10 sarees ideas for 2023

White on white action is a classic.

Typical White You should stick to a monochromatic outfit, preferably a white-white saree and blouse, for ethnic-themed occasions like your farewell. If you have a clumsy child who would undoubtedly drop that juice or a bite of your finger snack on the saree, we strongly advise against wearing this design mélange. The white amalgamation will make you the star of your goodbye party in 2022, nevertheless, assuming you can handle this effectively.

Go simple!

Everyone is familiar with the girl who would choose a solid-colored saree for the farewell. a simple blue or black without even the tiniest bit of embroidery or border. The woman is understated in every facet of life. This is the lady that doesn’t go overboard and simply wears a plain t-shirt to lectures every day. Without needing to go the extra mile like others, look sleek and dashing by matching your saree to your shirt.

Half sarees 

Women of all generations admire the saree, a classic ethnic sarees that has withstood the test of time. The half-and-half saree was created to cater to the specific sartorial preferences of modern ladies, whose fashion preferences are frequently impacted by the most recent fashion trends. This variation drapes similarly to a standard saree; the dual-toned colour scheme serves as its defining feature.

Belt sarees

Since forever, our south Indian brides have been teaching us “how to wear saree with a belt.” And no, we’re not advising that you approach it traditionally; rather, we’re offering some inspiration. Like, for one of your wedding ceremonies, dress in a crisp Banarsi saree and dress it up with a gold waist belt to keep it timeless!

Everything is improved by ruffles.

Who would have imagined ruffles could work their magic on Indian branded sarees till last year? Since it has already happened, all you need to do to be ready to rock your farewell party in style is to prepare a stunning saree with ruffled borders and a plain top to eliminate the fluff.

Make it silky!

When you make the decision to stick strictly to tradition, nothing can go wrong. Pick out your mother’s finest silk saree wholesale by opening her baggage. And if your mother does not possess a collection of saris, raid your Masi’s baggage and select the most conventional silk Banarasi saree available at the moment. You can play around with it a little since it might be seen as the first step towards womanhood.


Sequins have returned. Not a saree at all! You can add a few sequins here and there to dress up your saree. The only additions need to make the outfit suitable for your farewell are a sequin border and blouse. On this important day, it makes you stand out while not appearing over the top. A sequin saree can be as elegant as one made of silk. You can buy wholesale sarees online cash on delivery from multiple website.

The bohemian in you to stripes

If you are hesitant to wear a saree because you believe you look more stylish in a western outfit, we advise investing in a striped saree and adding some bohemian jazz to it. To keep your saree pallu in place, wear an oxidised OTT boho neckpiece or a belt around your waist. In this manner, you can adhere to the farewell dress code without having to dress too traditionally. There are multiple Surat sarees wholesale market located where can shop this kind of sarees at affordable price.

Dhoti Saree

Stop and reconsider if you notice that you are following the crowd. Don’t blend in by donning a unique dhoti saree. Despite having a dhoti, it is a saree. So that you can avoid the clever draping dilemma while still looking gorgeous on your departure. Although this style may cost a little more than a typical saree, it’s a one-time investment, so consider it.

A Level View of a Net


Nets are always in style. Understand why? It’s because net sarees are the classiest and most stylish option available.If you want to appear more crafty, you might choose to choose net sarees with intricate brocade-like work on the borders and trail alike. You can safely choose a basic shirt with cut-sleeves or elbow-length sleeves because these sarees are rather heavy in themselves.

Gown in saree

Carrying off a saree gown instead of the typical attire is another approach to stand out and attract everyone’s attention on your farewell. One minor benefit is that it is much simpler to manage when you are too busy taking pictures and dancing for the event. Just be careful that it doesn’t appear to be your wedding.

Pastel Paint the Town


If you are having trouble deciding what colour you want for your farewell saree, without a doubt choose a pastel tint. You would glow like a queen in a soft tone. For a daytime farewell, baby pink, sky blue, or lavender would be PERFECT; for a nighttime farewell, mint green would help you get through it. Nothing is more delicate and lovely than a woman wearing a pastel saree.

To Be Noted Print

Some flower patterns, whether they are huge or dainty, will never go out of style as far as sarees are concerned. Although colours associated with spring, such as pinks, lavenders, yellows, and oranges, work well with printed sarees. Never attempt to wear a dark-colored print, such as red flowers on a black saree, unless you are positive how it will turn out.  


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