Top 10 Amazing Plain Sarees Blouse Design Images: 2020 New One


The saree is an iconic outfit that is loved by women around India and is praised for its natural beauty and the skill required to make such an item. However many times it may become a problem getting the right blouse template to suit your saree. Different styles, necklines, and decorations make it an almost impossible task. 

Fortunately, we have come up with a guide to the best plain and designer saree blouse designs online at the moment.

1. Printed Cotton Blouse Design

Almost any pattern or image imaginable can be machine printed onto a piece of fabric to give the printed blouse which is essential in every woman’s wardrobe. It serves as a great backup plan for situations that have not been planned out well. Another perk is that they serve as a universal blouse that can be worn with any saree regardless of color, fabric, and style.

Printed Cotton Blouse Design

2. Checks Or Striped Cotton Blouse Design

Younger women will be more open to this fashion trend then older women. It has been highly publicized in western wear and now has been incorporated into our Indian cultural clothing. Plain cotton saree blouses gel well with this eye-opening look that has been blazing up the fashion stage in India. White checks or stripes match any color, red, blue, green, or even beige to give a classy looking getup.

Checks Or Striped Cotton Blouse Design3. Floral Silk Designer Blouse

Ever seen those blouses that feature a full floral display? These appear to be soft, lustrous, and shimmery as they have been made from pure silk fabric. Floral designs are timeless and can be worn with any single color silk sarees. 

Floral Silk Designer Blouse

4. Solid Single Color Silk Blouse

Silk is such a fabric that should be shown off to the maximum, that is why when going for a silk saree, one should definitely downplay the exotic blouse and rather just stick to a plain silk blouse that features no significant detailing such as stonework and beadwork. Try to get the same shade or else a contrasting color that will not clash but rather bring out the beauty of the saree itself. Here you can find amazing blouse design for silk sarees that cant resist.

Solid Single Color Silk Blouse

5. Printed Silk Saree Blouse Design

For decades, the printed pattern option has been one that many women chose for a number of uses. Having patterns machine printed onto the fabric avoids any dilemma about how to personally style up your blouse to match the saree. The print can be of a different color and even have a matching pattern if there is one on the saree, either way, it can also made to go with a plain saree that does not feature any decoration or paintwork depending on the preference of the wearer. Just make sure to wear enough accessories and jewelry to make the look sparkle a bit.

Printed Silk Saree Blouse Design5. Exotic Backless Satin Saree blouse Designs

Satin is a versatile material that can be easily utilized to your desire. Since it shares many properties with silk it makes a great contender for backless and fancy back designs such as open backs with or without strings transparent netting and strings.

Exotic Backless Satin Saree blouse Designs6. High Neckline With Chinese Collar Blouse Design

The Mandarin/Chinese is a great stylish addition for any blouse and can be worn with a saree of any kind. This style is best worn with a high neckline blouse when you want to keep warm or do not want to wear a necklace. The best part is that you can opt to make it in any color that will stand out against a light or bright-colored saree made from cotton material because it is breathable and the only choice for summer season wearing. You can also look for Kurtis neck design catalog on our website.

High Neckline With Chinese Collar Blouse Design

7. Halter Neck Blouse Design

This is a modernized blouse design that deviates from the traditional types. It involves the neckline going round the top of the neck and having a hook or button closure at the back of the nape. It is the most suitable choice for when you have a party or public function and need to dress to impress the guests.

Halter Neck Blouse Design8. Fancy Cold-Shoulder Blouse Design 

The cutout or cold-shoulder trend hit the fashion markets with a bang and can be seen on almost all Indian women’s clothing, the saree is one of them. The blouse can be carefully crafted to sport fashionable cuts and opens at the shoulders and along the arms. Paired with a silk or satin types of saree materials it makes the perfect accompaniment for high fashioned evening events such as parties and weddings.

Fancy Cold-Shoulder Blouse Design 

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9. Trendy Blouse Designs

Every season there are blouse designs that seem to be hot on the market and everyone wants to be wearing them as it is attractive. Some trendy blouse designs include a patchwork design and handmade embroidered design with natural or floral motifs delicately stitched into the fabric using a wide array of colors and skilled stitching techniques that make it look even more valuable.

Trendy Blouse Designs

10. Patterned Saree Blouse Designs

Sticking to a specific pattern can be a safe choice if you do not want to overdo the blouse. Simple patterns are the way to go in this scenario. Flowers, nature, animals, and traditional motifs are suitable and evergreen.

Patterned Saree Blouse Designs11.Colorful Thick Border Blouse Designs

Uppada, Samudrika, and Vasundhara patty sarees require bright and colorful blouses to match the tone they set. Multi-colored wholesale readymade blouse are the in thing and can variant in colors used. The thick borders can help display colors and decorative skilled embroidery or embellishing.

Colorful Thick Border Blouse Designs

12. Geometric Pattern Blouse Design

If you are bored of the same regular sleeve designs, try the geometric sleeve blouse that shows off the best geometric shapes on the sleeves only so you can put a different design on the front and back of the blouse piece. If you single kurtis wholesale price then it also available on some store. 

Geometric Pattern Blouse Design13. Regular Cap Sleeve With Colored Piping

Getting inspired from olden-day culture, sarees were simple and so were the blouses that accompanied them. They were plain with special colored piping that raised the appeal of the outfit. It is a very simple method of designing your blouse brands to match more than on saree.

Regular Cap Sleeve With Colored Piping

14. Full Sleeve Saree Blouse Designs 

The full or 3/4 sleeve concept was not one that was always accepted into our fashion, but now that it has come, it is here to stay. Many women have welcomed having long sleeves as a way to show off long and slender arms, as well as protection for chilled weather and outdoor events. To get wholesale price silk sarees visit textileexport

Full Sleeve Saree Blouse Designs 


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