Several Benefits of Buying Made in India Clothing

The clothing factory in India uses archaic procedures of manufacturing. Their methods are vigorous, vibrant, original and cherished all across the world. The traditional Indian craftsmanship of making everything from scratch by using hands and utilising only pure products is still being followed by many artisans. The most remarkable feature of Indian clothing is its perfect proportion of long-established traditions and modern-day practices.


Natural Indian Colours:

One of the most fascinating factors about Indian clothing is that t-shirt manufacturers in India use colours that are produced from entirely environment-friendly materials. Colours or dyes are of two kinds – plant dyes and reactive colours. You will notice that the clothes made in India have very vivid and bright colours. But more importantly, you must know that these colours are not only beautifulbut also safe.


·         Plant Dyes:

These natural plant dyes can be made from anything – leaves, vegetables, barks, fruits, etc. The basic colours are produced from natural ingredients. When you mix a few of these basic colours, it gives rise to more colours. It requires skilful artisans to recognise the things from which these dyes can be obtained, to determine the required age of the plant for the perfect shade of colour it makes. Since the ingredients are easily available, even the clothing manufacturers for small orders use plant dyes these days. Did you, however, know that the entire processing of using plant dyes for manufacturing colours used in Indian clothing is natural and eco-friendly?


·         Reactive Colours:

The fabric upon which the artisans use reactive colours goes through a chemical reaction – as the name suggests. The fabric then changes on a molecular level to merge the colours with the fabric. Minimal alteration in colour is very common. This particular feature makes reactive colours so special. The speciality of using this method is that the colours would not wear out and fade over time. This makes your clothes beautiful, handmade and sparkling. Reactive dyes are often used by the clothing manufacturers for start-ups to attract more customers with long-lasting and vibrant colours of clothing.


The clothes made in India have several original and traditional techniques. For example, the hand block technique of printing. Although publicized in the East Asian countries, India perfected the visual appearance. Inspired from Indian rituals, made with expert artistry and by conventional procedures, Indian clothing is one of the most captivating one in the whole world.

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