Top 10 Best Tea Cup Brands in India For All Occasions

Select the appropriate tea cup brands for a more enjoyable experience. After a long day at work, a cup of tea may lift our spirits. So why settle for any old cup when the greatest in the business is right here? 

These teacup brands are long-lasting, attractive, and robust. Whether you’re throwing a high tea party with friends and family, it may keep you company all the time.

 Families nowadays find it difficult to find teacup sets that complement their kitchen design, and teacups have become an essential element of every family since then. The most common tteacupbrands are mentioned below.

List of best tea cup set in India

Top 10 Tea Cup Brands Name in India

1. LaOpala

LaOpala glasses and mugs are a great complement to any tea set. This is one of the most well-known teacup companies, with a strong presence in the fields of dishes, cups, and silverware.

It also comes in a broad selection of colours and styles. The cups are extremely light and have a high level of durability. It is easy to hold hot beverages because of its small weight.

LaOpala tea cup brand


2. Kittens

Because of the innumerable uncountable styles and patterns available, kittens have a place among the greatest teacups in India. The cups are inexpensive and easy to find in any store.

We may also use these cups in the microwave and the freezer. They are exceptionally light. These cups are long-lasting and of high quality. BoneChina, CeramicGlass, Stainless Steel, and other materials are utilised.

Kittens tea cup brands3. Exclusive Lane

Exclusive Lane is a well-known handcrafted teacup company. There are 22 distinct art types represented by this brand. Warli, Madhubani, and other products are among their offerings. Each teacup is one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, and built to last.

Ceramic is utilised in the making of these cups. It is availabel in a variety of brilliant colours that are also lead-free.

ExclusiveLane tea cup brand

4. Good homes

Beautiful home cups will undoubtedly get you comments with their elegance. It is a high-end brand with a large selection of plates, cups, and mugs. Swarovski coffee mug cups are available in a variety of designs and patterns.

The cups are sturdy and maybe use for a long time. Ceramic, glass, plastic, stainless steel, and porcelain are among of the materials utilise in goldwork.

Goodhomes tea cup brands

5. Tuelip

Tulips robust cups and mugs are now available for your morning cup of tea. It has attractive designs that go well with your kitchen décor and give it a stylish and modern vibe.

The cups are non-toxic and odourless, and they may be customised and personalised. Also lightweight and long-lasting. Bone China Ceramic Glass, Plastic Stainless Steel.

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6. Borosil 

Borosil is one of India’s most well-known teacup companies, with a vast range of teacups topping the Indian market.

Because the teacups are composed of non-porous glass, air and liquid cannot travel through them. Transparent signature cups are a must-have design.

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7. Cello

The Cello teacups are chip and scratch-resistant and are made with excellent German technology. Cello teacups are the ideal option for everyday usage.

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Teacups are available in a wide range of styles and colours. The teacups are inexpensive and lightweight. The materials used are bone, china, plastic, glass, ceramic, and steel.

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8. Clay Craft 

Clay Craft tea glasses are made to last. The company is well-known for its high-end ceramic dinnerware. You’ll discover a large choice of teacup sets to pick from, whether you need them for everyday use or as a gift.

The teacups are devoid of lead and cadmium, and the brand has a wide range of products. Cups are made of plastic, steel, glass, ceramic, and bone china.

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9. VarEesha

VarEesha teacups come in a variety of ethnic styles and are produced in India by rural craftsmen. Some of the teacups are hand-painted and come in a variety of colours.

The characteristic blue flowers on the sups are created by Khurja craftsmen. The teacups are lead-free, and the best teacup set brand comes in a range of colourful colours and designs. They’re also microwave and dishwasher safe. These cups are made entirely of ceramic material.

VarEesha tea cup brand

10. Femora

Femora teacups are handcrafted in India by Indian craftsmen and come in a range of colours and teacup materials. They have some pretty lovely patterns and pastel teacup colours that give the teacups a rich sense.

The pastel spectrum provided from the brand is quite durable. Ceramic, glass, bone china, and steel are among the materials utilise.

Femora tea cup brand

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