8 Refreshing ways to accessorize your Kurti look

8 Refreshing ways to accessorize your Kurti look

The way you set other ensembles with Kurti can pull out the best gowk of any girl but to do that, she should know the basic ways. Because sometimes smart female can go in wrong direction in selection of right accessories and that’s why we have decided to explore some basic yet uplifting ways in this post, so any girl can understand what is right and what is wrong fittings with Kurtis. Many of you must be thinking that kurti is a superb tunic and it can match with anything! We agree on that but to achieve extra ordinary look, one has to match it properly so let’s go through this post to set this outfit properly.

Accuracy in Fitting 

The real beauty of any readymade outfit is perfect fitting and same goes with Kurti. If you select sleeveless then the fitting should be perfect near armpit. With long sleeve or ¾ sleeve, you don’t need to be worry about fitting. To genuinely improve the overall look, you should check waist fitting and the length of Kurti and ensure it is not very free or not very tight.

Be careful in selection Of Bottoms

It is very common thinking among most of the Girls that Kurti can look well with any types of bottoms but again Girls have to think about the size. For example, a short kurti sets superbly with Jeans and skirts but it doesn’t look good with Plazzo or narrow pant. Same way, The Long kurti (up to knee-length) cannot look best with Jeans and skirts, and you have to pair it with Patiala or plazzo. Also checkout wide range of kurtis at wholesale rate from here.

Jewellery selection 

In jewellery selection, many girls give first priority to colour coordination, however one has to think about neck pattern also. If the neck line and bodice area is decorated with heavy embroidery then the heavy jewellery cannot give best appearance with such Kurti. With plain coloured Kurti, simple earring and simple necklace is perfect. For Corporate meetings or at workplace ,a long chains with little pendants is suitable with any types of Kurti.

Bindis with Kurti

For gloomy appearance, roundshape bindi will look great.  A girl with a square or a round face, go for a long bindi.  Choice of bindi relies upon the look you are going for. Diamond-bindi gives you a develop look and is ideal night parties. While a plain, little bindi gives you an adorable look and you can stick with such bindis if you wear Kurti at workplace. Fortunately for ladies, the shade of the bindi and Kurtis’s colour is not always coordinating with each other.

Footwear selection

Wearing sneakers or pointed toe with any kinds of bottoms doesn’t offer you a great look, as these foot wares are specially crafted to match with western bottoms like Jeans and skirt. We recommend all girls to prefer traditional footwear like Indian flats and Mojadi for trendy look.

Suitable bags

It is essential to ensure that your purse is given due thought so in general style remainder isn’t destroyed. Small sized leather bag and wallet look best with Kurtis when you contrasted with it with bottom colour.

Make up tricks

Heavy make up only looks best with Saree-blouse so just eyeliner, light lipstick, and light foundation is enough when you wear kurti. We want all girls to try this trick even if they are getting ready for big parties.

Kurti Selection

anarkali kurtis

The most important point to keep in mind is choosing the right type of kurti for right occasion. For office wear or casual wear don’t choose heavy kurtis instead opt for simple look kurti. Whereas heavy kurtis and Anarkali kurtis will be best selection for any party or occasion to brighten up your look. So before choosing your kurti keep in mind the type of occasion. You can also checkout kurtis catalog  if you want to buy online.

We hope that after going through these 8 tricks, any girl can pull out the best look of her that’s for sure.


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