Document Legalisation Process for International Travelers

There are several reasons why people migrate to different nations. Some people relocate for better possibilities for further education, while others do so in search of better job prospects. For a higher standard of living, some people relocate with their families to foreign nations. 

There will be a number of steps that you must follow, regardless of the cause of the move. You will need to produce attested documentation for this. 

Where to get the documents authenticated is now the question. Remember that in order for the documents to be recognized as valid in other countries, you must have them authenticated by the appropriate authorities. 

Why is Document Legalisation Important


Every certificate necessary for immigration must undergo authentication from the nation where it was issued, which is a time-consuming process. To simplify this process, some nations joined the Hague Convention, which eliminates the need for additional legalization from embassies after an Apostille stamp. 

The process of having certificates verified, authenticated, and legalized by the relevant government departments of the recipient’s home nation is known as apostille attestation. The primary organization that issues the Apostille attestation seal in India is the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), a Central Government Department. An apostille authenticates and legalizes a certificate’s qualifications, making it valid and recognized in nations that have ratified the Hague Convention. Over 110 nations currently recognize the Apostille stamp and are members of the Apostille convention.

Document Legalisation Process in India 

stam1Knowing which documents need to be apostilled is crucial if you want to use the apostille service. Documents are divided into three categories for the apostille services in India process, including educational documents, personal documents, and commercial documents. 

  • Educational Documents are all of your academic credentials, such as your diploma, degree, post-graduate degree, etc. 
  • Personal documents include things like birth certificates, marriage certificates, police clearances, etc. 
  • Commercial Documents, and includes business-related documents like export invoices, packaging lists, etc.


First Step: Document Authentication

The designated authorities of the State/Union Territory where the document was issued must first validate the original documents/certificates before MEA Attestation may grant an Apostille. Only after a document has received the appropriate state authority’s attestation can MEA grant an apostille. On the MEA website, you may find a list of the Regional Authentication Centers and the designated authorities.

Second Step: Document Legalisation

The document is then given an apostille by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) based on the signature and seal of the relevant State Government’s authorized officials. Therefore, MEA disclaims all liability for the information contained in the materials. Three sorts of documents are typically used for Apostille operations. 


The procedure of Apostille attestation in India depends on what type of certificate you want an Apostille for and the purpose of your travel to a Hague member country. If you are going for a job or doing business, then you will need a Degree certificate Apostille to certify your qualification. Anyone who is going for studies also needs to have the Degree certificate Apostille attestation to get admission to a school/college abroad.

However, if you are traveling from India to a Hague country for personal reasons, you must have your birth certificate apostille-certified in India in order for it to be recognized as legal and legitimate in the destination nation. The Apostille of certificates from the MEA, State Government, SDM (Personal certificates), HRD (Academics certificates), and Notary is required for the visa paperwork process. The final MEA stamp that allows certificates to be used in a Hague Convention signatory state is an apostille.


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