5 Best Options Trading Courses for Indian Market!

List of the Best Options Trading Courses in India: Options trading in India is one of the most sought-after and profitable talents that every aspiring trader aspires to learn. However, options trading is a complicated subject, and traders must have a thorough comprehension of the fundamentals in order to profit from it. 

In this post, we will look at the finest options trading schools for novices in the Indian market. All of these courses go through options trading fundamentals in depth, such as options greeks, options moneyness, options strategies, and more. Let’s have a look at the finest options trading schools in India. 

Best Options Trading Courses for Indian Markets

The leading stock market training colleges in India provide the following top Options trading Courses for Indian traders:

1) FinGrad’s Complete Options Trading Course for Beginners

The full FinGrad Academy options trading course for beginners is a video-based comprehensive course lasting over 240 minutes. The course is structured into six modules: basic options trading, options greeks and options chain, technical options trading, strike price selection, options trading strategies, psychology, and options money management.

This course will teach you the basics of options trading through the use of technical analysis. It is aimed for novice to intermediate traders who want to learn how to trade options in Indian markets.

2) BSE Varsity’s Mastering Futures & Options Trading

Mastering Futures & Options is provided by BSE Varsity, a division of BSE India. This is an intermediate course comprising 12 hours of English instruction. 

This training consists of four sessions. The first session will cover the basics of derivatives. The second session focuses on futures contracts, which are then followed by bank nifty options tips trading. The last session will cover option trading tactics. 

The primary goal of this course is to provide students a thorough grasp of the numerous underlying markets on which significant derivative instruments are based and in which they are often utilized. 

3) NSE India’s Future and Option Trading Strategies

This is a 10-hour online course given as a combined certified course by NSE Academy and Empirical F&M Academy. This course covers options trading strategies, greeks, hedging, and computations, with the goal of providing traders with real trading experience. 

The first lesson introduces the fundamental principles of futures and options. The second module discusses Factors Affecting Option Prices, followed by Different Points of View and Strategies for Each Point of View. The third module goes through the Different Future and Option Formula.

4) NISM equity derivatives certification exam

The National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) offers this Equity Derivatives Certification Examination, which consists of ten modules. 

The modules covered in this courses are Basics of Derivatives, Understanding Index, Introduction to Forward, Introduction to Options, Options Trading Strategies, Introduction to Trading Systems, Introduction to Clearing, Legal and Regulatory Environment, Accounting and Taxation, and Finally Sales Practices and Investor Protection Services.

5) Zerodha Varsity’s Options Theory for Professional Trading

This course, which is available on the Zerodha website, consists of 25 text-based modules. This Zerodha Options Theory for Professional Trading course is an introductory and free training for novices. 

The first few chapters go through the terms CALL, PUT, Option Jargon, Options Buying, Options Selling, and Moneyness. This course’s final chapters address option Greeks, case studies, physical settlement, and option profit/loss computations.


In this post, we investigated the finest options trading schools for the Indian market. You may study options trading through trading books, blogs, and YouTube videos in addition to these stock market courses; nevertheless, these courses will help you create a solid foundation in options trading.

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