Top 10 Best Chinese Smartphone Brands in India


The introduction of the Smartphone range has turned the communication system on its head; telephones are no longer just for talking because Smartphones allow you to use the internet and take pictures of what’s going on around you. 

Only a decade ago, a smartphone was tagged with a high price that put it out of reach of the average middle-class family and individual. In India, the share of households with a middle-wage appears to be high; 60-70 percent of the population lives on a tight budget, so owning a Smartphone at the time was as much of a pipe dream as owning a Mercedes.

Seeing people’s desire for high-tech bliss smartphones, Chinese top companies commanded their way into the Indian market with high-quality products and a middle-of-the-road success rate. 

Companies such as Xaiomi, ZTE, and Asus took the stage in India and delighted the audience with their new launches signaling a significant shift in the field, with 90 percent of India’s population now owning a smartphone.

Here is a list of Top Chinese Brands that are making a name for themselves in the capable Indian market. The list will show ranking based on their overall performance in India tagged with user reviews on various online shopping portals.

  1. Xiaomi 

XiaomiXiomi is not only the largest smartphone manufacturer in India, but also in China. Xiomi’s mid-range Smartphone treasures revolutionised and elevated the competition to a new level. 

Xiomi’s best-selling models are the Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note Prime, Mi 4i, Mi 5, and Mi Note Pro. In a short period of time, Xiomi has established itself as a leading Smartphone manufacturer, competing with Samsung.

  1. Huawei

HuaweiHuawei is one of the oldest Chinese Smartphone or Phone brands in India, and the second best Chinese company in India has made it even bigger with the Honor series of models. With stunning looks and performance, the recently launched Honor 7i and Honor 7 are rated as the best under the flagship of 25K. Huawei’s other top models include the Mate S, Honor Bee, Honor 6 Plus, and Honor Holly.

  1. OnePlus 

OnePlusThe OnePlus One, a trendsetter model launched by OnePlus with stunning looks and features compared to iPhone6S and Google phones, was labelled as out of stock on online portals. The speculation and talk about the OnePlus 2 prior to its release has generated a lot of buzz about the phone, and the company is ready to set new marketing stats and success records. 

The OnePlus 2 is all set to revolutionise the Smartphone competition, with a low price tag and maximum technology added, as well as durability marked by the metallic body.

  1. Oppo

OppoOppo has found extreme success in the last year as a smart marketing strategy, and after leading the league with the slimmest Smartphone, the R5, measuring 4.85mm last year, Oppo now ranks fourth in terms of popularity in India. 

The company’s primary goal is to provide a Smartphone with a high-quality selfie camera. Oppo’s top devices in India include the R7 Lite, R5s, Mirror 5s, Mirror 3, A31, Rix, Find 7, N3, and many more.

  1. Meizu 

Meizu Meizu, one of the top companies in the league of Smartphones, has launched a series of phones with its own boasting fastest software. The company’s top models include the M2, MX5, MX, MX2, and MX3.

  1. Zopo

ZopoZopo is known to be a good Smartphone developer and one of the trendsetters, offering good quality Smartphone developing its kinship towards the initial years of Smartphone, but the company has lost its worth amongst the crowd. 

The market rush has lagged behind Zopo, and new brands have doomed Zopo’s monopoly. Zopo has released a number of devices, including the Speed7, Speed 7+, ZP999, 3X, ZP330, ZP920, and ZP600+.

  1. Elephone

ElephoneThe company is currently focused on gaining ground-level popularity, and based on the Smartphone quality that the Indian audience desires, the Chinese company will undoubtedly jump to several positions in 2017.

Elephone is well-known in China for providing best-in-class specifications at reasonable prices. P8000, P6000 Pro, S2, G9, P4000 Trunk, and Vowney are some of its well-known and well-liked devices.

  1. Lenovo

LenovoLenovo, a PC and laptop manufacturer, recently ventured into the Smartphone market, launching a series of successful models that addressed the needs of various demographics.

Lenovo’s Vibe and Note series of phones with semi-phone semi-laptop features have received positive feedback from gadget enthusiasts; Lenovo Smartphones are best regarded for faster performance and better gaming companionship. The flagship models include the A5000, A6000, K3 Note, A 7000, and Vibe X2 Pro.

  1. ZTE

ZTEZTE dreamed big at the start of its career in India, but the name was soon doomed as other Chinese and Korean brands dominated the Indian market with a more advanced set of handsets and technology.

The company is on its way to becoming a flop show, similar to Zopo (another Chinese brand phone), as ZTE loses its allure in India after attempting a new set of Smartphones designed specifically for the Indian market. Axon Elite, Nubia Z8 Max, Blade S6 and Grand S3 are the leading model names in ZTE’s production unit in India.

  1. UMI

UMIThe Smartphone company that recently established itself in India is anticipating a bright future in the Indian market, owing to the overwhelming response to its flagship Smartphone. UMI boasts of satisfying the most common requirement of Indian Smartphone users: camera clarity and long battery life.

Some of the company’s popular models and Smartphone accessories include the eMax, Iron, Hammer S, Zero 2, and eMax Mini. The smartphone is made of high-quality materials and has a stunning appearance.


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