Top 10 Best Television Brands in India

There are many things available in the market, but there are a few that always pique our interest. There are numerous items available on the market in the electronic segment. Everyone’s attention is drawn to television as a result of these. 

There are various models available from which to choose, and technology is advancing with the passage of time. There are various factors to consider when selecting a television based on their needs, such as power consumption. Choose a television that consumes the least amount of power and is shock-resistant.

In India Top Best Television Brands are Available.

  1. Sony 


SonyThere are various types of TVs available, including 4K ultra HD, which provides the best viewing experience, LED, Smart TV, and others. They have the best features, such as built-in woofers and a variety of other features. One can select a television based on the price and features that are required. The price of the TV begins at Rs 12000/-.

  1. Samsung 


SamsungThere are different types of televisions based on resolution, such as UHD TV, SUHD TV, HD TV, and Full HD TV, as well as features such as curved TV, Smart Direct TV, Joy Plus TV, and Joy Smart TV. Some televisions come with a one-year warranty, while others come with a two-year warranty. The price range begins at around Rs 11000/-.

  1. LG (Life Is Good)


LG (Life Is Good)The TV categories are divided based on the display, such as Full HD TV, Smart TV, Super UHD TV, UHD 4K TV, OLED TV, and others. They each had unique features, such as the best speaker and resolution. They offer a one-year manufacturing warranty on their television. The price of the TV starts at Rs 11000/-.

  1. Philips


PhilipsThey had divided their television into series ranging from 3000 to 8000 series. Each series has a unique set of features from which to choose. They are known for having the best clarity in their televisions, with prices starting at Rs 10000/-.

  1. Videocon


VideoconThey manufacture various categories of television, such as curve TV, which helps to get direct digital signals to the TV and many other features, Windows-powered TV, which allows one to do Microsoft work on the TV itself, 4K ultra HD, which provides the best view, Curve TV, which provides the best clarity from all angles, and many others, each with their own features from which one can choose. The TV’s price range begins around Rs 6000/-.

  1. Micromax


MicromaxThey produce LED televisions with various features such as digit sound with home theatre effect, built-in Wi-Fi, USB, and others. Micromax Canvas Full HD Smart LED TV is a popular model with a 50-inch screen that costs around Rs 40000/-. The TV’s price range begins at Rs 9000/-.

  1. Panasonic 


Panasonic  TVThey produce televisions in two different categories: LED LCD TV and 3D TV, each with the best features and sizes. They provide a one-year manufacturing warranty on their televisions. There are various models available, each with its own set of features and pricing. The price range of various models begins around Rs 10200/-.

  1. Onida


Onida tvIt comes in three models: Full HD, HD, and smart TV. These models came in a variety of sizes and features from which one could choose based on their requirements. The most popular model is the LEO40FAIN, which is a smart TV with a 40-inch screen that allows you to access almost all apps and have the best experience for around Rs 40000/-. The price of television starts around Rs 10800/-.

  1. Toshiba 


Toshiba They are one of the well-known manufacturers of television under various series such as U76 series which has HD features and one can choose different things such as YouTube, Netflix, and different other software’s and had the best of experience, S36 series with full HD series and use of other software’s, W15/L15 series with the best of the USB support, D15 series with the built-in player for DVD, and D15 series with the built-in player for DVD.

All of the series have excellent features, and one can select the one that best suits their needs. The price of the television starts around Rs 10500.

  1. Intex


Intex Tv

They produce a variety of televisions, including HD (High Definition), Full HD, and Smart TV. There are various models available in each of the three segments, with varying prices and features. Some models can be connected to players, gaming consoles, DVD players, and a variety of other devices. 

There are various models that are popular with everyone, such as the Intex LED-3210 of 32 inch, the Intex LED-4310 FHD of 43 inch, and many others from which one can choose based on their needs. The TV’s price range begins around Rs 10000/-.

Televisions come in a variety of sizes, and one can select the one that best suits their needs from these brands. They come in a variety of pixels and resolutions from which to choose, such as High Definition TV and others.

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