Top 10 Best RAM Brands In India For Computer/PC/Laptops

samsung RAM

Everyone who uses a PC, laptop, or computer is likely to be familiar with the term RAM. RAM is an abbreviation for Random Access Memory. RAM is a location in a computer or laptop where the operating system (OS), all application programmes, and the data that you are working with are stored so that it can be quickly accessed by the device’s processor. 

It is also much faster to read or write from than other types of storage in the PC, such as a solid-state drive (SSD), a hard disc drive (HDD), or an optical drive. The information or data is stored in RAM until the computer is turned on. When you turn off the computer, the RAM loses the data, and when you turn it back on, the other files and operating system are loaded into the RAM, usually from an SSD or HDD.

The maximum number of computers allows users to increase the capacity of RAM modules to a certain limit. More RAM in the PC reduces the total time that the processor may take to read data from the hard disc. It is always recommended that if a person wants to process the Pc’s programme much faster, he or she should choose RAM with a larger memory capacity.

There are several RAM options available in India, and we have listed the top ten best RAM for computer/PC/Laptops in India below:


Lenovo is one of the most successful companies in the computer hardware and electronics industries these days. Lenovo’s corporate headquarters are in Beijing, China. Mr Liu Chuanzhi founded this company in 1984.


The following name on the list is Samsung, a Korean computer hardware and electronics company. It is gradually becoming more well-known throughout the world. Samsung is currently one of the most well-known RAM manufacturers. Mr Lee Byung-chul founded this company in 1938.



Transcend is a Taiwanese company headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. This company is well-known for producing memory products such as RAM. This company’s other products include graphics cards, portable media players, portable hard drives, and digital audio players. Transcend was founded in 1988 by Mr. Peter Shu.


Hynix is a South Korean RAM manufacturer. It was established in 1983. The company’s original name was Hyundai Electronics Industries, but it was later changed to Hynix. In the semiconductor industry, Hynix is well-known. In reality, it provides DRAM all over the world. The abbreviation DRAM stands for Dynamic Random Access Memory.


This is a company based in the United States that manufactures computer-linked memory products such as RAM. Kingston’s main headquarters are in the Fountain Valley neighborhood of Fountain Valley, California. Despite the fact that this is an American company, it has managed to obtain logistical services in a number of countries, including Taiwan, China, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.


mushkin RAM

Mushkin is one of the highest performing firms in terms of RAM. This company’s main goal is to ensure that its products completely improve the performance of PCs all over the world. Mushkin was founded primarily in Eagle Wood, Colorado.

OCZ (Optical Coatings)

On the 21st of January, 2014, OCZ was founded. Ralph Schmitt, the CEO of this company, now controls it. OCZ Storage Solutions was previously known as OCZ Technology Group. This company is currently known for producing SSDs. The OCZ’s main office is located in San Jose, California.


This RAM manufacturing company is well-known for producing semiconductor devices such as flash memory, solid-state drives, and dynamic random-access memory. Micron Corporation was founded in 1978. Dennis Wilson, Doug Pitman, Ward Parkinson, and Joe Parkinson were the founders’ names.


G.Skill International Enterprise Co. Ltd. is a computer hardware company founded in 1989. This company is one of the most well-known manufacturers of RAM memory products as well as high-end PC products.


Corsair ram

The first name on the list is Corsair Components, Inc., another American computer hardware company founded in 1994 in Fremont, California. This company provides high-quality, energy-efficient RAM for computers, laptops, and PCs.

The first name on the list is Corsair Components, Inc., another American computer hardware company founded in 1994 in Fremont, California. This company provides high-quality, energy-efficient RAM for computers, laptops, and PCs.

Considerations when purchasing RAM for your PC or laptop

For readers who are unfamiliar with RAM, buzzwords such as DDR2, DDR3, dual channel, and single channel can be extremely confusing. However, there are a few factors that can assist you in selecting the best RAM for your PC or laptop. We’ve included these details to help you feel more at ease when shopping for new RAM for your computer. GO through them and keep them in mind when looking for RAM to improve the performance of your PC.


When purchasing new RAM for your system, the first thing you should look for is compatibility. Check that the RAM you intend to buy is compatible with the motherboard of your system. Check to see what type of RAM your system supports, as well as how much RAM the motherboard can support. If you are using a branded product, you can find this information on the PC’s pamphlet, or you can speak with the seller about the necessary information.

Efficiency and quickness

Another critical aspect of purchasing the best RAM for your PC is the efficiency and RAM. Make certain that the RAM you select is appropriate for your needs and the operating system that is installed on it. By doing so, you can easily find a suitable RAM that will help your system run smoothly and without lag. To get an accurate idea of the RAM’s speed, look for the timings or latencies to process a specific command.


RAM comes in a variety of brands and models, with varying speeds, efficiency, and, of course, price. Make certain that you select the best one by weighing the speed, brand value, and efficiency. By doing so, you will be able to easily obtain the best and most dependable RAM for your PC that is worth purchasing. Don’t be swayed solely by the price. Make sure to read the RAM specifications first, and then purchase the one that best suits your needs.

The worth of a brand

The brand is the next important factor to consider when purchasing new RAM for yourself. By selecting a good and reputable brand for yourself, you can be assured of receiving high-quality RAM that not only outperforms RAM from newer brands. Although branded RAMs are more expensive, when you consider the performance, efficiency, and warranty, these RAMs provide excellent value for money.


Make certain that the RAM you select for your system is covered by a warranty. You can either choose a reputable brand or ask the vendor to recommend a more dependable RAM that will last longer without issue. By selecting a RAM with a good warranty, you can ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

So, those are the five most obvious and important points to remember when purchasing new RAM for yourself. Make sure the RAM you buy is compatible with your PC configuration, and you’ll be able to boost your system’s performance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Computer Laptop RAM

What factors should you consider when selecting a RAM stick for your gaming PC?

Using high-frequency RAM can increase loading speed and result in higher frame rates. For a better gaming experience, you should always consider RAM capacity and choose two 8GB DDR4 RAM modules. Going with a lower capacity may not seem like a bad idea at first, but when you’re multitasking, such as streaming on Twitch or running tabs in the background, lower RAM capacity will haunt you with performance and frame rate issues.

How Can I Tell If My RAM Is Compatible With My Motherboard?

Part compatibility is critical for getting the best performance out of a gaming rig. Using a low-tier ATX motherboard with limited IO and an old-generation PCI express slot will result in poor performance. If you buy AMD’s 32 core CPU but your mother does not support such numbers, you will not get the most out of your expensive CPU and RAM. As a result, you should look for a DIMM slot (dual in-line memory module slot), which are usually scarce. If there are more than two slots, your motherboard is likely to support the RAM effectively.

Does RGB RAM have an impact on the cooling of your gaming PC?

No, RGB RAM does not generate much heat, and if you use liquid cooling solutions, your PC will run smoothly. The LED used by the manufacturer on RAM is low power and produces a negligible amount of heat, which dissolves automatically in the PC. If you’re using RGB light straps from a shoddy manufacturer, this could be a problem. Getting rid of heat is essential if you want to never have a problem with your gaming performance. To eliminate the extra heat produced by the RGB light, you can add one more fan to the PC as an exhaust.

Is RAM required to be cooled?

Despite the fact that it has high-frequency options and the ability to overclock, RAM does not require much cooling. RAM operates at a lower voltage and higher frequency, which can generate some heat, but your PC’s exhaust will be able to handle it. Downloading additional software allows you to check the temperature of RAM. The temperature at the DIMM slot is monitored by a DIMM Thermal Sensor. When the system is idle, the ideal temperature is between 30 and 50 degrees Celsius. One piece of advice for new gamers is to not overclock their RAM if their CPU and GPU are running at temperatures above 80 degrees Celsius.



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