Top 10 Best PC Keyboard Brands in India

keyboards to buy in india

Despite its importance, the keyboard is probably the most overlooked hardware component on a computer system. The BIOS structure of a computer states that it will not even start up unless a keyboard is connected to the computer, yet every computer user hits the keys on a system as if it is unimportant. Because you’re reading this, we’re assuming your keyboard has either taken its final blow or is losing its edge.

If, on the other hand, you want to upgrade to a gaming keyboard or an advanced keyboard for designing or professional purposes, this article should help.

Corsair K95 RGB 


best Gaming Keyboards to buy

This keyboard is quite pricey for a keyboard. However, if you enjoy gaming or advanced graphical design, you may want to invest in a keyboard of this calibre. The design is very distinct, making it easy to distinguish this Corsair keyboard from others. 

The Corsair K95 RGB, on the other hand, has a full set of basic keys, such as standard letters, numbers, and symbols, as well as 18 dedicated G-keys that can be programmed for any task. The USB-Y connector is used, and the buttons are illuminated.

Roccat Ryos MK Pro

best keyboards to buy

This mechanical keyboard could be a good investment for gamers. Aside from the standard letter, number, and symbol keys, there are a few programmable keys. All of the buttons are backlit with blue LED lights, making it easier to work even when there is no ambient light. The USB-Y connector is located at the top edge of this keyboard. The Roccat Ryos MK Pro comes with 2 MB of onboard memory and an ARM Cortex CPU.

Das Keyboard 4 Professional

keyboards to buy in India

Unlike the previous two models, which were primarily aimed at gamers, this one is aimed at professionals. In terms of connectivity, this keyboard has a USB hub on the upper edge of the keyboard. Both hub ports support USB 3.0, which is uncommon in keyboards; you no longer need to reach the farthest end of your casing to use a USB port. This keyboard is glossy and black.

SteelSeries Apex

best keyboard to buy steel series

This would appear to be one of the largest keyboards ever seen. The SteelSeries Apex keyboard has dozens of programmable function buttons, which required the keyboard to physically expand to accommodate them. The space bar is much wider than usual, and there are more arrow keys than usual. A simple key combination could be used to disable the Window key – these features could be very useful while gaming. It is also less expensive.

Cherry MX Board 3.0

best keyboard brands to buy in india

The keys on the Cherry MX Board 3.0 keyboard provide tactile feedback, which some people prefer over mechanical keyboard feedback. The design allows users to type with less finger travel, providing a different feel than usual and reducing finger stress. Clearly, the manufacturers did not design this board for gaming, but rather for typing – making it more of an office machine.

Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard 


keyboards to buy in india

Unlike the larger keyboards mentioned earlier, this one is the polar opposite. Of course, this keyboard is compact, smaller, and portable, and it runs on AAA batteries. The Bluetooth module integrated into this keyboard enables users to use it on any platform – a computer, smartphone, tablet, or possibly even televisions with such interfaces.

Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 

mad cats keyboards brands to buy IndiaThis wireless keyboard is clearly intended for gaming devices. Could be used on computers or portable smart devices – but because there are no wires to tangle, users can take it anywhere within the receiver’s range and use it as they see fit. Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E can easily connect to four devices, and each connection is indicated by a separate light.

Microsoft All-in-One PC Keyboard

best keyboards to buy

This keyboard is similar to a laptop keyboard, but the touchpad is located on the side of the keyboard rather than at the bottom. There are no programmable extra buttons or an LED backlight on this keyboard. It is, however, still wireless. When compared to the other keyboards reviewed, this one is significantly less expensive.

Topre Type Heaven ZA0100 

best keyboards to buy - steel series

The Topre Type Heaven may not appear to be a near $150 keyboard at first glance. The buttons use capacitive electrostatic technology, which replaces the dome switches found on most low-cost keyboards. It has USB 2.0 connectivity and a 5.25-foot cable.

Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400r

logitech keyboards to buy in india

The keys are very close to each other, which may feel cramped to some people, similar to some laptop keyboards. The wireless transceiver connects to the keyboard at a range of up to 60 feet, which may be extended depending on the environment. The Logitech K400r has a built-in touchpad, which is unusual for a low-cost wireless keyboard.

A keyboard is a fundamental requirement for operating a computer; these keyboards may provide a computer user with the comfort and convenience they have long desired.


Considerations for Choosing a Keyboard for Your Computer. There are several factors to consider when selecting the best keyboard for your computer.

The sensitivity of the key for typing 

When purchasing a keyboard, most people forget to check the sensitivity of the key. You should always check how good the typing on the keyboard is so that you don’t run into any problems when using it for work.

Should be compatible with your device 

When shopping for a keyboard, make sure it is compatible with your device. There are some old PS2 connectivity keyboards available that are rarely used nowadays.

Choose from hundreds of keyboard styles 

If you buy keyboards online, you can select from hundreds of different keyboard styles. When you buy them from online websites, you will not be limited to only a few options.

Choose between wired and wireless keyboards 

For improved productivity, you can choose between wireless and wired keyboards. If you don’t want the mess of wires, you can go with the wireless option. The wired keyboard is thought to be the best for gaming.

Special function keys in the keyboard 

If you are purchasing a keyboard for work, you should check to see if it has special function keys to assist you.

The keyboard’s price 

The price is always an important consideration when purchasing any product, and you should make sure to compare the prices of various types of keyboards in order to purchase an affordable one.

So, when choosing a keyboard, keep all of these considerations in mind. You can look for the keyboard using various e-commerce websites. When you search for a keyboard online, you will have access to a broader selection of products.


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