Top 15 Best Makeup (Cosmetics) Brands in India for Ladies

As a densely populated country, India has a massive cosmetic market, with numerous brands selling makeup products of varying quality and price ranges in order to cater to various segments of the population. Some brands have a stronghold in the market, delivering products that are suitable for Indian skin for many years. There are many new imported brands, and some brands use all natural ingredients, so they are preferred slightly more than other brands. Do you know which make-up cosmetic brands are available in India?

If you are unfamiliar with the popular brands, here is a list of the top Makeup Cosmetics Brands in India for Ladies.


MACMAC is an international luxury makeup brand that has found a niche in the high-end segment of the Indian makeup market. The fact remains that these products are out of reach for most middle-class women, making them even more desirable. It is a popular makeup brand among celebrities and professional artists.


LakmeLakme a Unilever Limited brand, is one of the oldest and most trusted players in the Indian cosmetics market. It has led the way in developing products for a wide range of skin types and has dominated the market for decades. The Absolute Range, which has launched innovative eye and lip make up, is the most recent addition to this make up brand. You can also select from the skin care line, which includes face washes, moisturisers, sun screens, and skin toners.


LorealLoreal is another international brand that is popular in the Indian makeup market. Skin care and hair care products are available, as well as high-end eye and lip makeup. Aishwarya Rai, Demi Moore, and Penelope Cruz have all endorsed the Loreal brand. It offers one of the most popular hair dyes on the Indian market. Though a little pricey, this brand’s makeup is of high quality!


RevlonRevlon, one of the first international brands to enter the Indian market, comes in second on the list of top 10 Indian makeup brands. It offers a diverse range of makeup, including lipsticks, mascaras, eye liners, eye shadows, foundation, and nail paints, designed to suit a variety of skin types and women of various ages.


NYXThe brand began as a small start-up, but it quickly gained a lot of popularity in the local market. Toni Ko was encouraged to broaden the brand’s reach, and it was eventually made available in 70 countries. L’Oréal purchased the brand from the founder in 2014, and the products are now popular all over the world.


MaybellineMaybelline New York is another popular international makeup brand that has captured the desi market, with products such as Diamond Shine and Water Shine lipsticks, Colossal Kajal, and Volum Express Mascara, all of which have been instant hits among Indian women.

The Body Shop 

The Body ShopThe following brand on our list was founded in 1976 in the United Kingdom. The best thing about the brand is that all of the products are natural. Another reason for the company’s popularity is that it is very environmentally conscious. The company sells over 1000 products and has a global presence. According to estimates, this amazing brand has over 3050 stores.


AmwayThe health care specialist Amway, which sells its skin care, makeup, and health care products through direct marketing rather than open market counters, is the next name on the list of best makeup brands in India. The brand is nearly 50 years old, but it has gained popularity in recent years as a result of extensive publicity. This brand’s most recent makeup collection has been released under the names Attitude and Artistry.

Color Bar

Color BarColor Bar, which specializes in lip makeup and foundation, is another popular makeup brand among makeup artists and professionals. Color Bar’s high-quality products are designed to appeal to women of all ages and provide long-lasting makeup for all skin types.


CliniqueClinique is an American brand that is popular among those with extremely sensitive skin. Clinique has stores in over 135 countries, and the brands’ products are thoroughly tested for allergens. The brand also provides free consultation to customers in order to provide them with the best product for their needs.

Elle 18

Elle 18The secret to this brand’s popularity among young people is its low cost and wide range of products. Elle 18 is primarily aimed at the teen age group, with a vibrant array of bright colours in lipsticks and nail paints. And all of the products are reasonably priced!


AvonFollowing Avon on the list of the top 10 Indian makeup brands in India is the direct marketing behemoth. It delivers a wide range of makeup and skin care products directly to buyers’ homes and provides a great way for women to earn money from home. Avon sells high-end perfumes, talcum powder, soaps, and face washes at very reasonable prices.


ChamborChambor, another international makeup brand on this list, is known for its high-quality lipsticks, eye makeup, foundations, and blushers. Women love to add some of these prized products to their collections, even if they are a little pricey.

Bobbi Brown 

Bobbi BrownBobbie Brown is the next brand on our list, and it is a new entrant in the Indian market. Bobbi Brown, a makeup artist, founded the brand in 1991. Long-wear eyeliner gel is one of this brand’s most popular products, and according to statistics, the brand sells two of these eyeliners every minute. You can now guess the magnitude of this brand’s success.

L.A. Girl 

MACAnother brand whose products you’d like to buy is L.A Girl. Quality and style are synonymous with the brand. L.A Girl’s products are truly innovative, and they are now widely available in India. If you haven’t tried L.A Girl products yet, you should do so right away because you’ll be pleased with the results.

All of these makeup brands have a strong presence in today’s market, which they have earned through their quality, variety, and reasonable pricing. PAC, The Balm Cosmetics, and Makeup Revolution are also popular brands in the Indian market. You can purchase products from these brands, but make sure to test them first to ensure that you are not allergic to them.

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