Top 10 Best Icecream brands in India

Many of us have an inherent love for ice creams be it any season, occasion or place. An Indian eats about 300 ml of ice cream a year.

Here are the top 10 Ice cream brands in India which offer a variety of flavors with their own unique proposition.

AMUL – Utterly Delicious Icecream


ANAND MILK UNION LIMITED is the Indian dairy cooperative society that provided every kind of dairy product including Ice creams

The most loved Ice cream brand of India, which contains about 95% of calcium which helps us to keep our bones strong, The product is made from fresh milk, superior fruits, and nuts along with AMAZING TASTE.



Vadilal  starts from a humble soda fountain which was quite famous for its authentic and wide variety of flavors.

Today vadilal Ice cream has the widest range of Ice creams in the country with 150 plus flavors.

Vadilal products are produced untouched by human hands by using an automated cone-filling machine that ensures purity.


Started back in the year 1944 at home using a hand-cranking machine and soon started selling it under the name Havmor.

Step by step, Havmor became synonymous with a collection of real milk Ice Cream that is innovative and rich in taste.

From traditional recipes like Kulfis to modern favorites like Belgian Dark chocolate and Hazelnut Ice cream cake you name it and they have it.

Baskin Robins

One of the world’s most recognizable brands of Ice cream treats and the world’s largest ice cream specialty chain.

From global favorites like World-class chocolate and strawberry cheesecake, but also local favorites, such as Green Tea and Rum raisin. No matter where you are in the world you will find unparalleled quality and varieties at every store.

Mother dairy

Mother Dairy has been the National Capital Region’s chief milkman for decades now. It is committed to bringing happiness to every individual with its range offering pure, hygienic, and adulteration-free high-quality products which have been the strength, differentiator, and heritage of the brand over the years.


Indian multi-national frozen desserts brand owned by the Indian consumer goods company Hindustan Unilever.

Kwality walls have been making ice creams for almost 100 years starting from a butcher’s shop to horse and cart to “stop me and buy one” Tricycles

Wall’s ice creams are now sold in 50 different countries and they go by all sorts of different names in each one but you’ll always spot a wall’s ice cream logo thanks to their legendary heart logo.


Cream bell has delighted the taste buds of millions with a variety of refreshing and exotic ice cream flavors of international and traditional nature.

Since its launch in 2003, Cream bell has scripted a stunning success story and is today among the top 5 Ice cream brands India.

Currently, it has 136 varieties in its basket catering to various consumer age groups and their taste buds.

Naturals Ice Cream- Taste the original

The company spends less than 1% on advertising, relying instead upon brand recognition and word of mouth.

Starting with around 10 flavors, Today Natural Ice cream has 125 flavors options, of which 20 are offered throughout the year. The set of flavors changes according to seasons.


They are a family who loves crafting lip-smackingly delicious Ice cream. Top N Town now stands as a national player in the ice cream industry with its path-breaking innovations with the network that spans close to 20,000 retail outlets and 260 distributors across India 


Arun Ice cream is probably the most well-known brand. When other ice cream brands opened parlors exclusively in the city, Arun decided to take to even rural areas, leading the ice cream into the hearts of millions

They cater to different people with different tastes with a whole range of Ice cream bars for kids and novel ice cream flavors like Indian sweets.

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